Portal for Women in Science and Technology
in Baden-Wurttemberg

Travelling Exhibition "Women Inventors" - Concept

Responsible for the exhibition

Responsible for the exhibition is Furtwangen University and within it our working group Netzwerk F.I.T. Our tasks are to organise and run the events meccanica feminale and informatica feminale Baden-Wurttemberg and to provide the internet portal scientifica for female scientists in Baden-Wurttemberg.

The idea for the exhibition

Within the Women's Economy Days 2011 taking place throughout Baden-Wurttemberg, we also wanted to present ourselves and our group with a programme item. This is where the idea of a photo documentation on the topic of women, innovation and technology came up. This was strengthened by the fact that we sit spatially together with a research group that deals with research topics around gender and patent applications.

Objective of the exhibition

The intention of the photo documentation is to achieve a high level of identification with the topic of women, innovation and technology through the artistic-creative realisation. After visiting the exhibition, it is primarily the inventions that remain in the minds of the viewers, with the additional knowledge: "This was invented by a woman".

Realisation of the exhibition

The photo documentary of women inventors spans a chronological arc that connects the past, present and future and focuses on innovations by women. Inventions and patent applications by women are examined from a historical perspective. Some of these inventions are also shown in relation to the present. A keynote speech, that can be booked, will highlight the exhibition as a call for the establishment of an innovation-friendly environment for women researchers.

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