Portal for Women in Science and Technology
in Baden-Württemberg

Your contacts

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Busolt

Project lead

Physicist and Professor at the Faculty of Mechanical and Medical Engineering (MME) at Furtwangen University, Gender research at IAF 

ulrike.busolt (at) hfu.eu

Tel.: +49 (0)7720 307-4248

Dipl.-Ing. Sandra Klatt

Deputy project lead, web portal, evaluations, travelling exhibition Women Inventors

sandra.klatt (at) hfu.eu

Tel.: +49 (0)7720 307-4365

Working hours: Mon - Thu until noon

Lisa Jauch, B.A.

Event management
informatica feminale Baden-Wurttemberg

lisa.jauch (at) hfu.eu
Tel.: +49 (0)7720 307-4375

Working hours: Mon - Fri until noon

Carolin Hilzendegen, Dipl.-Soz.

Event management
meccanica feminale

carolin.hilzendegen (at) hfu.eu

Tel.: +49 (0)7720 307-4536

Telefonische Erreichbarkeit: Mo – Do vormittags

Andrea Pflug

Web editor scientifica.de, social media, administration and event management

andrea.pflug (at) hfu.eu

Tel.: +49 (0)7720 307-4363

Working hours: Mon - Fri until noon