Portal for Women in Science and Technology
in Baden-Wurttemberg

Further Education for Women in STEM Fields

Are you interested in further education or to study among women only? You will find a wide variety of offers here, like single events, an university week for women or an entire women's degree programme. Find out here about mono-educational programmes in the STEM field.

Summer School informatica feminale Baden-Württemberg

High-quality courses from all areas of computer science, exciting management and social skills courses, numerous lectures and plenty of networking opportunities in between - every year, female computer science students, lecturers and business professionals meet at informatica feminale Baden-Wurttemberg to learn, teach and make contacts. 


Winter School meccanica feminale

The meccanica feminale is the spring university for female students and specialists in the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and industrial engineering. It takes place every year in February, alternating between the University of Stuttgart and Furtwangen University, Schwenningen Campus.


University Weeks for Women in STEM

Find out here about the various university weeks for female students and professionals in computer science and engineering.


Women's study programmes

Studying only among women - what is known mainly from the USA also exists in Germany: we present women's degree programmes in the STEM sciences.


Gender & Diversity Study Programmes

Women's and gender studies deal with the difference between the sexes and gender and its impact on scientific research results and life-world phenomena.


Single Events

You can also find further education opportunities specifically for women in STEM and higher education in our event overview (German only).

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Other Further Education Offers

Here you will find other interesting and helpful educational offers that are not individual events.