Portal for Women in Science and Technology
in Baden-Wurttemberg

Good to know


At the check-in you will receive all information and conference documents during the event. On Tuesday, the check-in is manned from 8.30 a.m., in the foyer of building I of the University Furtwangen in Furtwangen. Check-in from Thursday is in the organisation office.

Lecturers please come to the organisation office for check-in.


Childcare during the event is available on request. Please register at least four weeks before the event by sending an email to informatica@hs-furtwangen.de and stating the age of the child/children. The cost is 15 € per day per child.

Food and drink

Throughout the event, lecturers and participants can use the event cafeteria with free drinks, fruit and small snacks. Other options will be published on the website, event app and in the conference folders.

Accommodation for participants

We ask our participants to arrange their own accommodation. Booking and payment are on your own account. We have set up a digital bulletin board, there you will find information about accommodation and you are welcome to use the platform to coordinate with other participants (search/offer) https://pinnet.eu/b/ifbw23, as password just enter the hashtag of the current event.

Accommodation for lecturers

A hotel contingent for lecturers is available. Lecturers will be informed in advance. The booking and payment of accommodation for lecturers is initially at their own expense, lecturers then submit their hotel costs with the travel expense statement and the travel expenses are reimbursed in accordance with the Baden-Württemberg Travel Expenses Act. Please note the information on the teaching assignment.

Venue and the public

All events (except for a few items of the social program) will take place in the rooms of Furtwangen University. The organization office of informatica feminale Baden-Württemberg is located at Unterallmendstraße 21. Information on how to get there can be found here.

You will get the details of the event rooms at check-in.

Participants with disabilities are requested to provide details of any assistance they may require.

The opening event is open to the public. The lectures on Career Day are aimed at both participants and the interested public. Participation in the lectures is free of charge and without prior registration. The exhibition "Patente Frauen" is also free of charge and open to the public. The workshops and individual coaching sessions on Career Day are reserved for participants and require registration. There is the possibility of online participation for a few selected courses, as the lecturer is also only present digitally. If you want to take part in a course online from home, please register in advance by sending an email to informatica@hs-furtwangen.de. However, a seminar room is also available from which you can take part in the course in person, in which case please bring your laptop and headset.

informatica feminale Baden-Wurttemberg is a project of the Baden-Wurttemberg Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts.