Portal for Women in Science and Technology
in Baden-Wurttemberg

Offers for Women in STEM

Women are severely underrepresented in some of the STEM fields - the higher the qualification level, the more so. To change this and increase the visibility of women in these subjects, there are numerous initiatives, programmes, projects and measures. Find out more here!

Mentoring - Coaching - Consulting

Are you studying a STEM subject and considering a career in science? Are you doing a doctorate and looking for support for your career? You want to become a professor? Here you will find numerous offers to support your career in STEM sciences, from the beginning of your studies up to a professorship.


Dual Careers Consulting

If scientists are interested in a new job at a university in Germany, the question soon arises: What will my partner do then? Here you will find tips and links for advice and funding.


Financial Support

There are numerous offers for female students, doctoral candidates or women on their way to professorships, from scholarships to support for female academics with children to the female professor programme. Find out about the opportunities for you here!


Professional associations

In many professional associations, women have joined together to form working groups, study groups or sections in order to network, exchange information about their concerns, support each other and promote women.



In addition to professional associations, there are also a number of networks in the field of STEM sciences in which women have joined forces. Find out more here:


Prizes and awards

Numerous science awards honour outstanding work by students and scientists. There are also many prizes specifically for women: for final theses and doctoral dissertations, excellent research or commitment to more women in the STEM sciences.


Infografik Womengineer

TradeMachines published an interesting graphic on the question of why there are so few women in engineering