Portal for Women in Science and Technology
in Baden-Wurttemberg

The Webportal "scientifica.de"

scientifica.de is an information portal primarily for women who are studying a STEM course or are scientifically active in a STEM subject in Baden-Wurttemberg.

What is scientifica?

scientifica is the central information portal where you can quickly find out about ways to improve career opportunities for women in the sciences, especially the MINT sciences, in Baden-Wurttemberg.  

For whom is scientifica?

scientifica is aimed at various female users from the fields of science and technology: high school graduates who want to find out about STEM professions, students, doctoral candidates, post-doctoral researchers, junior professors, professors, researchers, multipliers and all others interested in the STEM subjects. For all these women, scientifica provides diverse and useful information on career opportunities in the STEM sciences and beyond.

What does scientifica offer?

Here you will find information on funding opportunities for women, networks and professional associations, prizes, scholarships and financial support as well as current news, event information, job offers and information on the university weeks meccanica feminale and informatica feminale Baden-Wurttemberg. You will be informed about both news and events in regular newsletters.

Who runs scientifica?

The web portal scientifica is a project of the Network Frauen.Innovation.Technik Baden Wurttemberg and is operated with the support of the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg.