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informatica feminale BW #ifbw24
Dienstag, 30. Juli bis Samstag, 3. August 2024
Universität Freiburg (Technische Fakultät)

Are you a female computer scientist in business or research? Are you a specialist in an IT-related field or do you teach social skills courses? Or do you do something completely different and would like to pass on your knowledge and experience to women in the STEM field?

Submit your contribution and become a lecturer at #ifbw24

Promotion session

Here you can exchange ideas with other female doctoral students. You have time and space to give each other professional tips. But it's also about your difficulties in doing a doctorate and empowering you.
A computer scientist with a doctorate will moderate the session and share her experiences with you.

  • For female doctoral candidates in computer science / in the STEM field
  • Presentation of own research 10-15 minutes
  • Followed by feedback from the other participants
  • Reimbursement of travel expenses
Register for promotion session

Contact lisa.jauch@hfu.eu with the following information: Doctoral subject, doctoral topic, university / institution

Schedule for lecturers at #ifbw24

Deadline for the Call for LecturesJanuary 10
Decision of the program committee and feedback on acceptance or rejection of your contributionbis Mitte Februar 2024
Registration period for participants*From spring 2024
Informatica feminale Baden-Wüttemberg30.07. – 03.08.2024
* A course will take place if at least five participants are registered. The instructors will be informed as soon as this number is reached. However, lecturers will be informed at least four weeks before the start of the course that/if their course will take place.

During the event, we offer childcare for €15 per day if required. Simply contact us if you are interested.

Possible topics

This year's main topic is IT security. You can also submit a contribution on the following topics (of course we also accept other topic suggestions):

  • Data Protection
  • Green IT
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Programming languages (Python, C#, …)
  • App development
  • Data processing
  • Web and game programming
  • Big Data, Data analysis, Data Mining
  • User Interface (UI) / User Experience (UE)
  • Frameworks (Symfony, Bootstrap, …)
  • 3D modelling and visualization
  • digital image processing
  • Matlab
  • robotcs, cobotics
  • Virtual, Augmented und Mixed Reality
  • Smart Home / City
  • autonomous driving
  • internet of tings, connectivity, 5G
  • Raspberry Pi, Arduino
  • Blockchain / cryptography
  • E-Commerce
  • Cloud Services
  • High Performance Computing
  • computer / robot ehtics
  • Social skills (agile project management, promotion, company foundation, career planning, work-life balance ...)
Possible formats
FormatTime Duration in minutes
Half-week courseTuesday to Thursday / Thursday to Saturday16 sessions of 45 min. each
Day courseWednesday, Friday, Saturday6-8 sessions of 45 min. each
Workshop*by arrangement1-2 sessions of 45 min. each
Lunch Talk (lecture)*by arrangement45 Min.
*Workshops, lunch talk in the social program on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday at noon / in the evening

informatica feminale BW takes place on site in presence. There are no hybrid events. In exceptional cases, individual events may take place online. If you are interested, please contact us before submitting your contribution

Compensation for lecturers

Company representatives can offer their teaching activities as part of a sponsorship, please contact us for further information.

If your course takes place, you will receive a teaching assignment from Furtwangen University for your work as a private lecturer (information sheet on teaching assignments), the teaching work will be remunerated at €35 per hour for lecturers with a university degree or €45 per hour for professors. All travel and accommodation costs incurred will be reimbursed in accordance with the Baden-Württemberg State Travel Expenses Act (LRKG BW). Further information

Programme commitee

The programme committee, consisting of professors and staff from the participating universities, a student representative and alternating guest members, decides on the acceptance of the contributions. After the meeting, all applicants will be informed about the acceptance/rejection of their contribution(s) by email.

Your contact

Lisa Jauch  Tel. +49 7720 / 307 – 4375

Andrea Pflug  Tel. +49 7720/ 307 – 4363

informatica (at) hfu.eu