Portal für Frauen in Wissenschaft und Technik
in Baden-Württemberg


You are fed up with your current job? Non-equal pay, discrimination and no opportunities for you to grow, because you are a woman? Let these be stories from the past. WomenHack helps you to find the perfect job at a company that values your qualifications regardless of your gender. By creating your own talent profile, the organization will match you with suiting companies. Alternatively, you can find on their website numerous company reviews that can help you determining the employer that best fits your expectations. Moreover, WomenHack regularly organizes events at which you can meet and get to know talent managers of different companies in order to get you closer to your personal career goal.

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Infografik Womengineer

TradeMachines hat eine interessante Infografik über die Frage, warum es so wenig Frauen in den Ingenieurwissenschaften gibt, veröffentlicht: