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MF24-H30 How to kickstart a startup from an idea (engl.)

As an entrepreneur you work out solutions which start with ideas, and in today’s world, there are numerous significant issues to address, such as climate change, mobility, healthcare, financial empowerment, education, and gender equality. Additionally, for some of us, following our drive and passions and building our startup can be the ultimate dream.

But there is a lot of work behind the scenes and much of realising an idea (which could become a startup or a well defined side project) is about planning, strategy, and focused execution. At the beginning, the experimentation part with user testing is fundamental, and ultimately it triggers the learning-failing fast and cheap in the journey of identifying the right IDEA for the target users in the right market.

During this course you are going to be hands-on on understanding and directly applying the major steps and approaches involved in:

  • Finding a profitable idea
  • Developing a product
  • Validating a product
  • Constructing an investor pitch
  • Pitching to an audience

At the end of the course you will be empowered with real-business life skill sets which you can apply to your next big idea exploration, or your job, or your next startup.

Requirements: Bring your own laptop.
Credit Points (ECTS): 1, grading possible

Petronela Sandulache

Petronela Sandulache, MA CEMS

Petronela Sandulache is a startup founder with 10 years of consulting experience in innovation and strategy, startups and emerging technologies across three continents, and in industries spanning from automotive to healthcare, from printing to financial services. She holds a CAS ETH in Entrepreneurial Leadership in Technology Ventures (ETH Switzerland), MA in International Management from the University of Sydney (Australia) and the London School of Economics (UK) – top of the Dean’s list, and a BA in Economics from the University of Rome (Italy). She thrives in a diverse and multicultural environment, and speaks 4 languages fluently. Innovation, entrepreneurial empowerment and dream following are at the core of her work. Her motto: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” (Lincoln)
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