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MF24-H03 Mathematics, Statistics and Data Science (engl., online)

Numbers are the basis for every other Science. You can start from scratch and go as deep as you want. Real life problem solving and workshops will make your life easier as a person who is ”solving puzzles”. If you are passionate and have interest about numbers, you are in the right place. If you are a beginner with no prior experience or have some previous knowledge and you want to go deeper all the way in Mathematics, we can do both. The aim of the course is to spread the beauty of the complexion of Mathematics and help you find which specific field is meant for you.

Requirements: Bring your own laptop, webcam and headset.
Credit Points (ECTS): –

Maria Pasioti

Maria Pasioti, BStat

I have studied Mathematics Statistics and Actuarial Financial Mathematics at the University of Aegean. I have special interest for Data Science. Currently, I have took and completed 3 Courses about data science, matlab/simulink and SQL programming language.
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27. Februar 2024 – 29. Februar 2024
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