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meccanica feminale film about us :-) by #imländle

The Baden-Swabian #womenspower of "#imländle - your home on the internet" visited us at the meccanica feminale in Schwenningen. Petra Nann, #imländle initiator and vlogger, and her camerawoman Steffie accompanied us for a day.

Review #ifbw23

The #ifbw23 was again a great success!

Many thanks for the great week together!

Here is a short review.


Save the date: #ifbw24 from 30th of July to 3rd of August 2024 Freiburg

Gabriele Koch delighted about award for excellent teaching at #ifbw23

Gabriele Koch achieved the dream grade 1.0 for the half-week course "Frei sprechen" in the  participants evaluation. Therefore she has been awarded the prize for excellent teaching at informatica feminale Baden-Württemberg 2023. Congratulations on the great course and the award from the entire F.I.T. team, dear Gabriele Koch!

Prize for excellent teaching at meccanica feminale 2023

For the second time, we also awarded the prize for excellent teaching at the meccanica feminale! The happy and deserving winner at #mfbw23 is Dr. Anita Winter with her course "Von der Idee zum Patent: Wie ich meine Innovationen schützen lassen kann", for which she achieved an outstanding average of 1.0 among our participants. Congratulations from the whole F.I.T team, dear Mrs Winter!

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We want our community in the social networks to continue to grow - we report on a daily basis for female students, young professionals, partner projects and multipliers:


Travelling exhibition "Women Inventors" - in German or English version

Lend the exhibits from us for your next event.

The travelling exhibition "WOMEN INVENTORS" presents innovations by women and spans an arc between history, present and future. The exhibition shows female pioneers such as Florence Nightingale or Hedy Lamarr, inventor of the frequency hopping method, as a photo documentation on rollup banners and explains their influence on our lives today.

You can rent all or only part of the exhibits, optionally also with an impulse lecture and / or guided tour.


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+49 7720 / 307-4365

How STEM projects succeed!

The Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts and the Ministry of Finance and Economics have jointly published a brochure explaining quality criteria for gender-sensitive STEM projects in career and study orientation. More information...