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The meccanica feminale is a project of the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Wurttemberg

Information for Lecturers

Call for Lectures

The Call for Lectures for meccanica feminale 2023 has been closed since 25th July 2022.

The 15th meccanica feminale in 2024 will probably take place in February 2024 on the Vaihingen Campus of the University of Stuttgart. The associated Call for Lectures will start in May 2023.

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Courses, Workshops and Lectures

We ask you to adapt the number of lessons to the following framework:

  • Half-week courses: 16 hrs à 45 min (Tuesday to Thursday morning or Thursday to Saturday afternoon).
  • Day courses: 8 hrs à 45 min (Friday) or 6 hrs à 45 min (Saturday)
  • Lectures: 1 hr à 45 min (Thursday between 11 am and 4 pm)
  • Workshops : 1-2 hrs à 45 min (Wed/Fri from 6 pm or on CareerDay (Thursday between 11 am and 4 pm))

Participation of Company Representatives

Please contact the event organisation if you would like to give a lecture/course/workshop on behalf of your company:

Carolin Hilzendegen
Project Coordination Netzwerk Frauen.Innovation.Technik (F.I.T) Baden Wurttemberg
Phone: +49 7720 / 307-4536

Credit Points ECTS Half-week Courses

Please note: It is possible to give female students credit points (according to ETCS) for their performance in half-week courses. Please be sure to indicate what the requirements are for awarding a credit point (ETCS system) in your course. The prerequisite for the awarding of credit points (ECTS) is at least a Bachelor's degree from a university as the lecturer's degree.

The awarding of credit points (according to ECTS) is based on the semester hours to be completed, preparatory and follow-up work, as well as the course content. As a rule, the workload of a credit point (ECTS) comprises 30 units of 45 minutes each. The course hours (HW = 16 units) are included, which means that the participants must complete an additional 14* 45 minutes of work for one credit point (ECTS). This can be done in advance e.g. as preparation of a presentation for the course or afterwards as elaboration of a topic of the course or as exercise task(s).

A maximum of 1 credit point (ECTS) can therefore be awarded for a half-week course. Credit points (ECTS) are awarded in cooperation with the programme committee and Furtwangen University.

Regular deadline for participants: 4 weeks after the end of the course.

Regular submission of results by lecturers: 6 weeks after the end of the course.

Information on Awarding of Grades

Grading is only possible upon prior request and cannot be demanded retroactively.

The following grade distribution is possible at HFU:

1; 1.3 = very good = an excellent performance;

1.7; 2; 2.3 = good = a performance that is significantly above average;

2.7; 3; 3.3 = satisfactory = a performance that meets average requirements;

3.7; 4 = sufficient = a performance which, despite its shortcomings, still meets the requirements;  

5 = insufficient = a performance that no longer meets the requirements due to considerable deficiencies.

Issue of Certificates of Participation

Lecturers sign all certificates and send them back to the Netzwerk F.I.T, which takes care of the dispatch. Certificates without credit points - or with the necessary work already completed - can be sent to the participants promptly after successful course attendance. The lecturer will note this on a certificate list. The certificate list and the attendance list are handed in by the lecturer to the Netzwerk F.I.T. Outstanding credits for the credit point will be confirmed by the lecturer after six weeks (or later, depending on the agreement with the lecturer) and noted accordingly on the certificate, which will then be sent to the participants by the Netzwerk F.I.T.

Information on the Teaching Assignment

As soon as it is known whether a course will take place, the lecturers will be informed, but no later than four weeks before the course begins.

For your work as a private lecturer, you will then receive a teaching contract from Furtwangen University (information sheet on the teaching contract), the teaching work will be paid. Please send the statement of account promptly to the Netzwerk F.I.T.

Venue: Schwenningen

The meccanica feminale will take place in Schwenningen in 2023. The venue is the Schwenningen Campus of Furtwangen University:

Furtwangen University - Schwenningen Campus
Jakob-Kienzle-Str. 17
78054 Schwenningen


Further Information and Contact Details:

Netzwerk Frauen.Innovation.Technik (F.I.T) Baden Wurttemberg
Carolin Hilzendegen
Furtwangen University
Jakob-Kienzle-Str. 17
78054 Villingen-Schwenningen
Phone: +49 7720 / 307-4536