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IF24-H07 Basics of Image Processing with Python (engl.)

Imaging Technologies have taken a fundamental role in all our everyday lives – be it automated camera-based quality control in production or the perfect shot for social media.
If you would like to gain a basic understanding how images can be processed and manipulated using Python, this course will provide you with the fundamental tools and guide you through the major libraries to get started. After the program, you will understand what it takes to capture good images, how to process them and how to derive useful information from them.
While the theoretical basics are of course provided, the course focuses on hands-on programming. No previous experience in digital image processing is required.

Credit Points:

Requirements: Basic programming knowledge is advantagous, but not mandatory. Please bring your laptop with Python installed or with access to a Google account to use Google colab (Python in the browser). Bring your own laptop.

Petra Schumacher

M.Sc. Petra Schumacher

I have obtained my B.Eng in Mechanical Engineering from Hochschule Albstadt-Sigmaringen and my M.Sc. in Optics and Photonics from KIT. My interest for optics, imaging and image processing resulted in 1.5 years as scientific staff at KIT, researching about image processing in agriculture. Afterwards, I have joined SICK AG in Waldkirch as a Machine Vision Software Engineer, where I am now working on tomorrow's imaging technologies.
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30. July 2024 – 1. August 2024
Technical Faculty – Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Georges-Köhler-Allee 101, Freiburg, 79110

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