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General Terms and Conditions - informatica feminale Baden-Wurttemberg

The following General Terms and Conditions apply to course bookings for the informatica feminale Baden-Wurttemberg event.

Stand: April 2024

Scope of application

The following General Terms and Conditions apply to all legal transactions of Netzwerk F.I.T, Netzwerk Frauen.Innovation.Technik Baden-Wurttemberg, Hochschule Furtwangen, Jakob-Kienzle-Str. 17, 78054 Villingen-Schwenningen, in connection with course bookings for informatica feminale Baden-Wurttemberg.


To participate in informatica feminale Baden-Württemberg, binding online registration via the website is required.

Die Anmeldung ist ab Programmveröffentlichung bis 18.06.2024 möglich (danach Vergabe von Restplätzen). Invoices will be sent upon course registration via an automatically generated and sent email containing the invoice details. The invoice confirms the course booking and must be paid immediately after the invoice is issued.

If someone is a minor at the time of the event, the organising team must be informed of this by e-mail to netzwerk-fit@hs-furtwangen.de before the event.

Course allocation

The number of participants in the courses is limited and places are allocated according to the time of registration. The minimum number of participants for a course to take place is 5.

If the minimum number of participants for the booked course is not reached, the Netzwerk F.I.T reserves the right to book the participant into one of the alternative courses specified in the registration.


Participation in the booked courses is only possible after payment of the invoice! Cash payments on site are no longer possible. Attendance at all dates is a prerequisite for participation in the courses and the receipt of certificates and, if applicable, credit points (ECTS).

Men are not entitled to participate in the events.

An manchen Kursen kann online teilgenommen werden. Es ist nur der angemeldeten und teilnehmenden Person gestattet, am Kurs teilzunehmen. Weitere Personen dürfen während des Kurses nicht am Rechner präsent sein. Der Kurs darf nicht aufgezeichnet werden.


Please inform us immediately in writing of any cancellation of your participation so that we can allocate the places to other interested parties. Cancellations directly on the website are welcome (in the booking tool). For cancellations up to 4 weeks before the start of the event, the participation fee will be refunded in full. In case of later cancellations, we will have to retain the full participation fee. Please provide your bank details when cancelling so that we can refund any fees already paid.


The organisers accept no liability for any damage to property or personal injury caused or suffered by the participants or their children. Participation is at the participant's own risk.

Changes to the programme

We reserve the right to make changes to the programme. We cannot guarantee the lecturer listed and will organise a substitute lecturer if necessary. Please see our website for the current programme..

Certificates of Participation / ECTS

Certificates of participation will be issued by the Network Women.Innovation.Technology in cooperation with Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences upon fulfilment of the specific performance requirements of the respective courses. The additional awarding of credit points (ECTS), if applicable, is based on the announcement in the course programme. The recognition of the participation certificates as well as the credit points is carried out by the respective course management at the home university and must be provided by the participants themselves. At most universities, it is desirable/necessary to make arrangements with the course director in advance of informatica feminale Baden-Wurttemberg.

The requirements for the participants are determined by the lecturers within the framework of the generally accepted scope of performance. Grading is only possible upon prior request and cannot be demanded retroactively. The processing time for the tasks for the acquisition of credit points (ECTS) is normally four weeks after the end of the course, but can be determined individually (per course) after consultation with the lecturer.

Image rights/publications

The Netzwerk F.I.T Baden-Wurttemberg reserves the right to take photographs during the event (or to take screenshots in the case of online participation) or to commission persons to do so. The participants declare their consent to the taking of photographs of themselves and, if applicable, their children during the event and to the use and publication of such images for the purpose of public reporting on the events. If a participant does not agree to the publication of photos or screenshots of the event in which she can be recognised, please inform us in writing before the event by email to netzwerk-fit@hs-furtwangen.de.

Data Protection

The data collected in the online registration form will be used for organisational purposes only. We reserve the right to send the email addresses to the lecturers for course preparation and follow-up. If you do not wish this, please inform us by email to netzwerk-fit@hs-furtwangen.de.


informatica feminale Baden-Wurttemberg is a project of the Baden-Wurttemberg Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts.

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