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Social Skills Kurs: 23IF-T42 Culture and Coding: Cultivating Cultural Intelligence for the Information Technology workforce (English)

Requirements: none
Participants: 15
Credit Point (ECTS): 0
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As technology professionals increasingly find themselves working with and for corporations and customers in the information technology field, the need for cross-cultural understanding has never been of more significance. Experts write about the importance of Cultural Intelligence not only in the interactions within culturally diverse workplaces but also for individuals designing and developing technology for consumers from diverse cultures. Cultural intelligence is vital for creating a collaborative and productive workforce as well as inclusive customer service around the world. This interactive workshop is designed with the vision to overcome algorithmic and cultural biases so as to create more inclusive technology and work environment by cultivating cultural intelligence.

The workshop will be conducted in four parts.

  • In Part I: The concept and significance of cultural intelligence (CI) will be explored along with the relevance of CI in the information technology world with illustrations.
  • Part II is on Measuring Cultural Quotient. In this session, Cultural Quotient and its various aspects will be presented, followed by a self-diagnosing session to measure CQ.
  • Part III: Cultural intelligence profiles. Taking the learning from Part II, various cultural intelligence profiles will be explored and discussed.
  • In the Final session, participants will actively engage in cultivating Cultural Intelligence through a step wise hands-on skill building session.


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Hochschule Furtwangen - Campus Furtwangen


Dr. Anuradha Prathap, UMGC Europe

leads customer discussions, manages operations and oversees all consulting projects at the Quasity Consulting. She continues to handle multiple roles in the areas of teaching, entrepreneurship and research. This includes teaching assignments in the field of Psychology as Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland University College, Europe, past involvement in a technology startup, research as a former Fulbright Doctoral and Professional Research Fellow (The Fulbright Program, State University of New York, Buffalo, NY) and assignments as a Faculty member at The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda. Research interests: Psychology, Mental Health, Gender, Diversity and Pedagogy.



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