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Vortrag: Life Science Use Cases for Quantum Computing

The Roche QC Task Force has been examining the potential of Quantum Computing since 2018 from both industry and scientific perspective. Our use cases aim to bridge the gap between still unsolved problems in life science and their possible solutions through Quantum Computing. They explore Machine Learning with a focus on supervised learning, Chemistry Simulation with a focus on binding affinity prediction and Optimization with a focus on protein folding. The presentation will first sketch our involvement in QC consortia and then dive into our findings covering theoretical resource estimations and application results on current Quantum hardware for our three use cases.


Do, 27.07.2023 (Career Day)
11.00 - 11.45 Uhr



Dr. Agnes Meyder

enables scientific software to be used in an industrial context covering platforms such as linux systems, the cloud, and Quantum Computing integrating scientific, IT Security and user needs. She received her PhD in Computer Science with a focus on method development in computer-aided drug discovery in 2020 from the University in Hamburg, Germany. In her spare time, she leads the 580 people strong gender diverse group "Haecksen" in Europe's largest hacker association, the CCC.






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