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IF24-H32 Am I “wired” to be an entrepreneur? (engl.)

This interactive & collaborative workshop targets students who are considering starting their own business but doubt they have the skills, experience and capabilities required to succeed. It aims to help you recognise the entrepreneurial potential within yourself and to equip you with knowledge on how to turn a new business concept into a sustainable business venture.


  • I- Today: The aspiring entrepreneur – My current aspirations, skills and capabilities, my self-biases
  • I- Tomorrow : The successful entrepreneur – The entrepreneurial mindset and competencies I need to succeed
  • The step-by-step plan on how to start my business: The road from ideation to implementation


  • Well defined, focused inputs from theory and practice taken from a range of sources including management, positive psychology and philosophy with practical tools to take away.
  • Individual reflection
  • Single and partner work
  • Small group and plenary interaction
  • Practical exercises

Learning Outcomes
At the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand your personal potential
  • Assess your entrepreneurial mindset
  • Evaluate the entrepreneurial competencies you need to develop to complement the technical skills you possess
  • Establish your business roadmap

Bring your own laptop.

Credit Point: Yes, possible (with grade)

Requirements: –

Eleftheria (Ella) Egel

Dr Eleftheria Egel

Dr Eleftheria Egel has devoted her career to working with women entrepreneurs from around the world enhancing their human and professional capacity and building mission-driven businesses. Her latest entrepreneurial endeavour is EOS Academy; a pre-seed online learning platform for women social entrepreneurs.
She is Board Member of One Planet Education Networks , Advisory Board Member of Ethics International Press and Past Board Member of the MSR Interest Group of the Academy of Management. Her practice is informed by her scholarly research on female leadership & entrepreneurship, sustainability and (Islamic) spiritual leadership. She has published in academic journals and book collections. She has spoken at conferences in the USA, Canada, Europe, Malaysia, Turkey and UAE. Her current academic project is the publication of a book on Inner Development Goals.
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1. August 2024 – 3. August 2024
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