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IF24-H06 Introduction to IT- and information security management (engl.)

What does information security management actually mean? How does it differ from IT security management? What are the tasks of an IT manager? How do you avoid hacker attacks in organizations? What happens if blackmail software paralyzes critical infrastructure? This course covers the diverse tasks of IT security management. After an introduction to the basics of IT security, e.g. responsibilities in companies, training for employees or regulatory requirements, practical examples will be discussed. Based on IT security breaches caused by hacks at universities and companies, the basics are deepened and the challenges and areas of responsibility of IT security managers are considered in practice. Based on the content learned, participants will also design a gamified IT security training course from a management perspective. Participants learn both content-related and methodological skills in the field of IT security, get to know the basics and terminology and learn more about the complex tasks involved in managing IT security.

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Laura Kochendörfer

Laura Kochendörfer, M.Sc.

After my bachelor's degree in Cultural Studies, I decided to do a double master's degree in Business Administration and Information Systems at the University of Passau and the University of Turku in Finland to deepen my enthusiasm for information systems. I am now doing my doctorate in business informatics and have specialized in research on user behavior of information systems. My focus in teaching is on information security management and data protection. I volunteer as the Faculty Women's Representative of the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Passau.
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