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IF24-H03 Programming with R for Statistics and Data Analysis

This workshop covers introduces participants to the free programming language R for data analysis and statistics. It covers R basics, data types, data importation, data exploration and visualization using the programming environment R. Participants learn essential commands, writing conditions and iterations, writing functions, dplyr for data manipulation, ggplot2 for visualization, basic model fitting and practical application via case studies. By the course end, participants have acquired skills to perform statistical analysis, visualize data and fit simple models using R. No previous knowledge of R is required.

Credit Points: Yes, possible. (with grading)

Requirements: Bring your own Laptop.

Fanny Empacher

Fanny Empacher

Fanny Empacher works as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of St Andrews where she completed her PhD in Ecological Statistics in 2023. Her research focusses on fitting methods for complex Bayesian state-space models, in particular using Sequential Monte Carlo techniques for population dynamics models. Prior to her doctoral studies, she obtained a MSc in Applied Statistics and Data Mining (University of St Andrews), a BSc in Mathematics and a first state exam in Mathematics and Music (both University of Stuttgart).
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30. Juli 2024 – 1. August 2024
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