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CEPIS DiversIT Charter Launch Event

You might be thinking that diversity in teams does not play a huge role for realizing projects. In fact however, divers teams are much more productive. The combination of different talents and different points of views makes it possible to find the best solutions and create the best results. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to balancing the number of female and male workers. It does not only make the teamwork more efficient, but it will also imrove the reputation of your company and create value for the brand.

Therefore, the CEPIS DiversIT Charter Launch Event aims at teaching businesses how to change their marketing and business strategy in order to attract more women to the technological area. The event will contain numerous presentations by leading personalities of the most renowed technology businesses, such as SAP and IBM. Furthermore, there will be an information session about how your business can obtain a CEPIS certificate in order to be able to validate responsible recruiting policies and which requirements must be met.


#MINT #womeninscience #womenempowerment

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