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PhD position: Computer Scientist, Physicist, Engineer or similar (f/m/x)


Ab 1.9. 2021
Dauer des Arbeitsverhältnisses: 3 Jahre

The Institute of Solar Research at the Plataforma Solar de Almeria (PSA) of CIEMAT has a PhD thesis to fill in the field of AI and Kamaras based solar irradiance prediction tools.

Solar irradiance forecasts for the next minutes ahead can help to operate solar power plants and electricity grids during variable cloud conditions. Such shortest-term forecasts are also called nowcasts. Your objective is to improve the performance of solar irradiance nowcasts derived from local camera observations by means of artificial intelligence. The used ground-based cameras provide images of the sky or the ground. Positions and motion vectors of clouds in the sky or cloud shadows on the ground can be determined from these images. Furthermore, the radiative effect of the clouds is analyzed. Local measurements of radiometers are available for this purpose. Finally, solar irradiance nowcast of the immediate future are determined. Deep learning methods are especially suited for the image processing tasks at hand. Further artificial intelligence methods are of great interest for the evaluation of additional time series data related to the nowcasts.

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