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PROFESSORSHIP (W3) FOR Experimental Physics

Universität Hamburg, Exzellenzcluster Quantum Universe

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The Cluster of Excellence Quantum Universe is one of four clusters of excellence at Universität Hamburg. The cluster aims to research the relationship between the fundamental properties of elementary particles and the evolution of the universe, particularly the connection between mass and gravity at the interface between quantum physics and cosmology. Research areas include Higgs
physics, dark matter, gravitational waves, and mathematical physics.

The faculty is seeking a candidate with an outstanding research background who will strengthen the Cluster of Excellence Quantum Universe and thematically shape its future profile. Research topics of particular interest are the development of innovative laboratory experi- ments for precision tests of the standard model, the search for physics models beyond the standard model, in particular as an explanation for dark matter, and gravitational wave detection.

For more information please refer to the the official call. 

Bewerbungsfrist: 31.12.2020 | Link zur offiziellen Stellenausschreibung | eingetragen am: 08.12.2020

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