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Open Innovation Challenge: AI for Social Impact

Today’s world lets us face many problems. Problems that we mostly created by ourselves. May it be social or environmental problems. Everyday there are new challenges that need to be mastered. At the same time however, we live in a world where technology is highly advanced and where we have numerous new possibilities to approach different issues, so why not use them?!

Artificial intelligence is thereby one of the newest inventions, which has many beneficial functions. Nevertheless, how can we appropriately use these functions in order to solve our problems? This is where your creative mind-set comes into play. Together with your team you can create innovative approaches on how to use artificial intelligence in an environmental context (for cutting waste, water use or pollution), for educational purposes (in order to be able to provide every child around the world with the possibility to have access to education) or in social equality issues (to ensure fair and equal opportunities for everyone regardless of their gender, origin, culture or other personal interests).

Hand in your ideas until 1. December 2019 and have the possibility to maybe even win a trip to Toronto for the finals.

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